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  1. Log in to Restaurant Manager
  2. Select “Payments” from the left hand menu.
  3. From the Payments page, scroll down to “Bank Account Details” and select “Add”.
  4. Fill out the required bank account information:

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Access the Menu Maker tool on your Restaurant Portal, then select the fork and knife icon on the left tab. Tap on the section of the menu you would like to edit, and you’ll see a list of all available items and will be able to update their descriptions, prices, and more. See here for a demo on how to add a new item.

If you advise us in advance of your visit we will always do our best to accomodate your specific dietary requirements. As far as allergies are concerned It is important to know that we do use nuts, gluten and other allergens in our kitchen so while we can ensure your dishes are free of these ingredients it is essential that you know that these ingredients are still used on the premises.

You should have received your username and password in an email from restaurants@yoursite.com. If you don”t see the email, you can check your spam folder. Note: Your password is essential for partnering with Petuk – we recommend writing it down or storing it somewhere secure.*

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